BKF Recovery and Repair Software: Restore & Open BKF Files.

BKF Recovery

BKF Backup File Reader

Repair My Backup is a BKF backup file reader. It is used to open BKF files and to extract data from Backup Files that are corrupt or damaged.

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Download Now to open your Microsoft Backup file.

Try Repair My Backup a BKF Repair Tool in Shareware to see the contents of your BKF file.

Repair My Backup Guarantee

Download Repair My Backup now to evaluate the BKF recovery capabilities of the program. Open and view the files inside your damaged BKF file with a few clicks. If you like what you see, purchase an activation key to extract BKF files to your drive.

It is 100% safe, 100% secure, and 100% guaranteed.

No recovery, no cost.

Supported BKF File Formats

Repair My Backup can open BKF files created using the Microsoft Tape format (MTF) file structure. This includes the following types of BKF files:

If you are not sure of the BKF file format, download the trial version of Repair My Backup and open BKF files to preview their content in the Repair My Backup preview window. Any file inside that BKF that can be successfully previewed can be saved once a program activation key is purchased.

Key Features

System Requirements

Immediate Product Activation

When you order Repair My Backup you immediately receive a product activation key so that you can open BKF files and save the contents in minutes. BKF Recovery takes only a few clicks.


Download Repair My Backup

  1. Click the "Download" button below and download "RepairMyBackup-Setup.exe" to your computer.
  2. Run "RepairMyBackup-Setup.exe" and follow the on screen installation instructions.

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